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Cargo Integration

Barış Dur
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Cargo Integration

What is Cargo Integration?

Cargo integration is a service that provides automatic management of the cargo processes of the e-commerce products sold through the api service offered by the relevant cargo company, saving time and effort, as well as helping your corporate identity to be perceived more properly. Shipping integration is a process that requires serious software knowledge, so glad you have Comwize!

What You Need to Know About Cargo Integration

  • Cargo integration is an application that provides automatic generation of shipment information and barcode data of the cargo while the order is still in the preparation stage, thus facilitating transactions.

  • If you want to print the e-invoice and cargo receipts for the order together or download them in PDF format, the cargo integration provides you with this convenience.

  • You can easily print out the cargo receipt you need during the product packaging process.

What Stages Does the Cargo Integration Process For E-Commerce Include?

In order to better understand the integration, it is useful to take a closer look at what stages Comwize cargo integration has accomplished. These steps are in order:

  1. Orders coming to your Comwize store are automatically tracked thanks to the integration.

  2. Cargo information on incoming orders is received and transmitted to the courier company.

  3. The cargo barcode is created.

  4. You can view this barcode in the order management module in your Comwize software panel.

  5. The cargo receipt with the barcode on it is printed out and placed in the order package and the package is made ready for shipment.

  6. When the contracted cargo company receives the package and reads this barcode, the cargo tracking code is created and recorded in the system.

  7. From the moment all transactions are carried out, if the cargo notification settings are made, the customer is informed by e-mail or SMS.

What are the Advantages of Cargo Integration?

Provides Convenience

With Comwize cargo integration, it is aimed that you can carry out processes such as preparing orders for cargo, tracking the cargo process and delivery information, with much less effort. In this way, you can manage a faster and smoother process by avoiding the confusion that you may experience depending on the order density.

You Gain Speed

Thanks to the cargo integration, the whole process starts to run semi-automatically from the moment the order is created. Thanks to the new order information displayed on the screen of the cargo company, the cargo company makes the necessary preparations and works to deliver the package you have prepared to your customer. Thanks to this speed provided by the integration, you will get results much faster than a manual management.

You Save

In cases where there is no cargo integration, you need manpower to manage the entire process smoothly. When you add the cost of errors that may arise due to performance to the costs per personnel, it corresponds to a much higher amount than the budget you will allocate for integration. Thanks to the cargo integration, you have the chance to save speed and costs.

Corporate Identity

The customer wants to follow the purchased product through the system and for these processes to take place as quickly as possible. Thanks to the cargo integration, the package has the opportunity to control every step from the moment it leaves the business. This is a positive situation for the corporate identity of your company. Your reliability allows you to be preferred in future orders.

Since the beginning of our article, we have tried to talk about Comwize e-commerce software and Cargo integration. Comwize is Turkey's first and only e-commerce ERP software. E-commerce companies that prefer Comwize with many automation modules and additional services that make a difference among their peers also have the opportunity to make many seamless integrations. Please contact us to learn about the features of the system with which all cargo companies serving in Turkey can be easily integrated and to benefit from privileged Comwize services.