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E-Commerce Marketing Methods

Barış Dur
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E-Commerce Marketing Methods

Perhaps the biggest mistake made by companies dealing with e-commerce; It is the fact that they do not act accordingly by determining the right marketing strategies from the moment they set up their e-commerce sites and put their products on sale. Marketing methods in e-commerce are affected by many different factors such as the product sold, the logistics power of the seller, the variety of sales channels and payment methods, and price policy. While marketing methods in e-commerce have a wide variety and different application areas, the right steps should be taken to identify and apply the right method. There are several tips we can offer you at this point. These are;

Personalization: Each user has a special shopping habit within himself. That's why you can offer personalized products by accurately analyzing each customer's profile, behavior and past experiences.

Re-marketing via e-mail: The most important issue for companies dealing with e-commerce is undoubtedly to have a regular audience. For this reason, you can send campaigns, new products and reminder e-mails from time to time to people who have purchased products using your website in the past, allowing them to shop from your site again.

E-mail promotions: Thanks to the e-mail form you have created on your website, you can send e-mails to the e-mails you collect with the permission of the users.

Remarketing through online ads: You can display ads on various digital channels by targeting users who have searched for the products you are selling. In this way, your chances of reaching the audience who are eager to buy your products increase.

Pop-up offers: You can increase the shopping volume by presenting other products that are complementary to the person's past purchases and the products in their current cart in a pop-up window.

SMS advertisements: You can inform users who previously allowed sending advertisements via SMS about your own products and campaigns through the phone numbers obtained from various channels.

Exclusive to members: You can encourage people to become a member via e-mail, telephone or social media accounts so that they can shop.

Pop-up chat: Providing an environment where potential customers can ask their questions instantly can increase your sales quickly.

Respect Your Customers

The marketing world can be brutal in some situations. We would be wrong if we say that there are no situations that can reach the level of intervention in people's private lives. In this context, an e-commerce company that wants to make a difference should have a respectful communication with its customers. The language, address and frequency of sending in the e-mail and sms messages you send to the people who share their personal information with you are very important. On birthdays and similar days, short messages that remind you and make your customer feel special are very useful in establishing emotional bonds between the person and the brand.

Observe the Consumer-Marketing Balance

It is necessary to develop new strategies by analyzing the historical data and trends obtained in marketing methods in e-commerce. In this context, your strategic marketing should be customer-oriented as well as product and service-oriented. This win-win situation can create results that will make your customers happy instantly and you in the long run.

Let's consider some useful tips when managing your marketing tools:

Review Web Analytics

Today, we have the power to easily analyze the behavior of customers with very deep analysis tools. These analyzes give very important results in identifying the issues that cause success or failure, as well as feedback.

Take Tests

Observe which strategy affects the purchasing behavior more by questioning your determined strategies with tests such as A/B testing before they are implemented.

Ask Your E-mail Members

Get feedback from your members via email. These notifications can be about the frequency of advertisements, voting of campaigns and many more.

Offer an Alternative

Diversify your communication channels and leave the choice to your customers. 

Benefit from Surveys

Get your customers to participate in surveys by creating surveys that will test the customer-side results of your marketing tactics.

As you read in our article, the most basic issue in marketing methods in e-commerce is communication. With Comwize, you can easily perform operations such as storing personal data correctly and sending sms or e-mail to all your customers when necessary, without searching for additional services.