May 2021, 17

E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

Feyza Uzun
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E-Commerce Marketing Strategy

When it comes to e-commerce, it is necessary to be prepared for an environment that is expanding day by day and competition is heating up accordingly, and to develop various strategies in order to achieve success in this environment. Marketing strategy in e-commerce is the roadmap that we have to put forward by considering many factors and that we need to update in various time periods.

Today, the most important work of companies that want to be successful in the e-commerce sector is undoubtedly on strategy. Businesses that open their products and services to the e-commerce market almost every day continue to fail simply because they do not plan the right strategy. In this article, we will try to explain step by step what you need to consider when creating a marketing strategy in e-commerce.

Set Your Company Goals

What is your company's goal one year from now, starting today? When you put this clearly and clearly, you will have determined the main line for determining your strategy. Marketing strategy in e-commerce offers you a way, but where should this road end? Here is the most important answer you should give. As Montaigne said, "No wind helps a ship without a destination."

Identify Your Target Audience

While developing a marketing strategy in e-commerce, determining your audience is a process that starts with product design. Identifying your target audience during the product design phase will help you shape the product you will present. However, when you divide your audience into sections according to their demographic information, interests, income and financial status, marital status and shopping habits, each section is the perfect data that you can use to determine and diversify your marketing strategy in e-commerce.

Competitor Analysis

When you determine your target audience, analyze your competitors who have addressed that audience before you. Knowing that the competition in e-commerce can be high and the conditions can be tough, examine what kind of work your competitors are doing in product groups where they have the same target audience as you. Do not neglect to include strategies that have been tried and succeeded before in the content of your analysis.

Decide What Kind Of Brand Image You Will Create

Every successful company has a perception created by its customers over time. While some companies stand out with the robustness of their products, others stand out in terms of customer experience and support. So which category do you want to be in? Decide on the product you will highlight and the company profile you will reveal in customer perception.
How much will you spend on marketing?

While creating a strategy, you should set a budget to be spent on marketing activities. Do not forget that you will manage all activities based on product or target audience with this budget. Marketing budgets are usually prepared annually and how they will be managed is determined as part of the strategy plan.

Prepare Your Marketing Calendar

Marketing strategies in e-commerce also include periodic discounts and campaigns. You should consider the period of the year to offer discounts or campaigns as an important part of your strategy. And these products and campaigns should be done with the right timing. To give a more detailed example; In January, you may not see much demand for a campaign in the form of discounts on sea shorts.
Which channels will you be active on?

While developing your marketing strategy, you should also decide on which channels you will conduct your activities. Of course, in order to do this, you must first analyze which channels your target audience is more active in. You should act in accordance with the analysis you make when turning to platforms such as social media marketing or search engine marketing that have become a trend in digital marketing.

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