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How to Make Sales Online?

Yunus Tıraş
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How to Make Sales Online?

When the development of technology and the effects of globalization in the economy came together, it became inevitable for companies with the opportunity to digitize and use online sales channels to bring their products to consumers. E-commerce, which first entered our lives in the 90's, has grown more and more every year since that first day, and has achieved a growth of 64% in our country only in the first half of 2020.

While millions of purchases are carried out on e-commerce platforms every day in our country and in the world, manufacturers have the power to easily meet their products with consumers at the other end of the world.

Online sales have become much more popular, especially with technological advances and people getting addicted to it. In this context, businesses that display their products on digital platforms can increase their profitability with the power of having a store that never closes and where they can sell at any time of the day. In order to take your place in this privileged world, you should examine the services offered by Comwize.

Why Should You Sell Online?

With the change in shopping habits in direct proportion to technology, it is inevitable that new sales channels and shopping experiences will emerge. With the development of technology, we are in a position to carry out all kinds of transactions with our mobile phones, so we want to reach the product or service we need without leaving our personal comfort zone. At this point, companies that can deliver their products and services to customers through online sales always stand out. Each year, with much faster acceleration compared to the previous year, growing e-commerce sector, we can see that in fact the statistics at the beginning of the road than in Turkey.

Today, many domestic and foreign studies reveal that the rate of those who prefer e-commerce is 12% compared to developed countries, but this is developing rapidly. Let's answer the question of why you should sell online…

You should sell online because;

1. It provides faster and easier access to larger masses.
2. There is no need for people to come to the point of sale, potential customers can buy your products even while sitting in their living room.
3. It is much less costly than a store or showroom as it is not connected to a physical location.
4. It is easier to control thanks to automation and similar software.
5. You need less staff.
6. You can sell your products and services in the domestic or international markets as you wish.

What Are The Requirements To Sell On The Internet?

1. Being a Taxpayer

As with any commercial activity, it is compulsory to be a taxpayer to sell online. You can decide on the types of companies that vary according to your fields of activity and the number of capital owners by meeting with an accountant.

2. Products

Your product range is actually the main factor that will attract your target market to your site. For this reason, it is important to present the product or products to the end user on your e-commerce site with the right pricing.


As with any business, you should devote regular time to your business while selling on the internet. As long as you take the time and care, it will be easier for you to achieve a rising success in selling online. Thanks to the right e-commerce software, you will have the chance to have an automation that manages almost all of the processes, but you will not have difficulty in climbing the success steps quickly with the time you will devote to your business and strategic issues such as planning.

4. Domain Name

A catchy, spoken domain takes you one step ahead. For this reason, you should determine a name that people can easily read, write and forget, and get the rights to this name.

5. Infrastructure

If you are going to make online sales professionally, infrastructure should be the most important and resolved issue for you. The investment you will make and the most important decision to be made is also related to the establishment of the infrastructure. Choosing the right e-commerce website and the software with which it is integrated provides you with many advantages, as well as significantly increasing your chances of success. For this reason, you should make sure that you choose a software solution that is completely e-commerce oriented and that the modules and services it offers meet all your needs.