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Selling on Morhipo

Ali Nail Uzun
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Selling on Morhipo

Nowadays, it may not be enough to sell on your own website or a limited number of e-commerce platforms to achieve e-commerce success. What is selling on Morhipo, which is a big and powerful platform like Trendyol and Hepsiburada we mentioned before? What should you do? Come to questions like, let's look for answers together.

As it is known, Morhipo is one of the large and well-established e-commerce platforms serving in our country. Established by a strong holding like Boyner, the e-commerce platform, where clothing, household goods, electronics and cosmetics are mainly sold, has been in service since 2011. We think that selling in Morhipo, which is organized by such a strong holding, is important and necessary for everyone dealing with e-commerce.

Morhipo and Security

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, Morhipo, which was founded by Boyner Holding in 2011, both prevents security gaps that may occur during shopping with its infrastructure and offers its customers the support they always seek with after-sales services. It is a system that allows you to shop securely with its SSL certificates, secure payment infrastructure and software. At this point, you can safely act on selling in Morhipo.

Selling in Morhipo

In addition to its own brands, Morhipo offers virtual store services for entrepreneurs who want to sell on their own platform. If you want to sell your products in Morhipo 0850 222 30 90

You can submit your application by contacting the phone numbered or via the form at https://www.morhipo.com/yeni-soru. After submitting your application, you will be called by the customer service regarding the subject and the conditions you need to meet and the documents you need to submit will be sent to you. At this stage, you will be asked for certain documents. These documents are;

1. Tax Board

2. Commercial Registry Gazette

3.Bank Account Information

4. Signature Circular or statement of signature

5. Information for Authorized Person

It is essential that these information and documents are transmitted to Morhipo in a correct and complete manner for your store opening application to be concluded quickly. After the information and documents are sent, a short check is made and approval or rejection is carried out. Morhipo reserves the right to request different documents and information when needed.

Advantages of Selling in Morhipo

One of the major e-commerce platform that serves the area in Turkey is undoubtedly Morhipo. It has become a reliable and preferred brand because it has been serving for many years and has Boyner Holding behind it. For small and medium-sized e-commerce companies, establishing this reliability and providing daily visitor flow means long time and advertising expense. Selling in Morhipo gives you a great advantage in this regard. You can save a lot on your advertising expenses due to the existing customer portfolio and Morhipo being a company that regularly advertises. In addition to advertising costs, you can significantly increase the recognition of your company. The more Morhipo's customer base sees your products, the more they get to know your company. At this point, you can increase your recognition very quickly. Of course, in addition to all these, some of the analysis tools you need while planning your commercial future are offered by Morhipo. In the management panel offered to you, you can find many tools with crucial analysis such as competitor analysis.

Disadvantages of Selling in Morhipo

Morhipo charges a commission for its services. When pricing the product, you should take this commission into account and determine the price in accordance with competitor analysis. There is a serious competition in parallel with the number of stores serving in Morhipo. You have to strive to stand out among the many sellers selling the same product line as you. It is likely that you will have difficulty in promoting your brand while selling from Morhipo due to the large number of products and the large number of selling companies. For this reason, you may even need to advertise.