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Trendyol Store Opening Guide

Yunus Tıraş
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Trendyol Store Opening Guide

With the development of technology, there have been radical changes in our purchasing habits. The most prominent of the fruits of this change is undoubtedly Trendyol. The platform, where every company dealing with e-commerce and meeting the appropriate conditions can sell, has 25 million members and 50 million monthly visitors. It publishes regular advertising despite having a wide network of customers, the company delivers its products to customers through established logistics infrastructure, Turkey is rapidly becoming the Amazon. There are many products from electronics to food on the platform, which offers a wide range of products to its customers. This makes Trendyol an indispensable actor for those dealing with e-commerce.

Who Can Open A Store At Trendyol?

It is required to be a company in order to open a store and sell products at Trendyol. All legal entities who are taxpayers, regardless of being a person or a capital company, can apply for a store.

How To Apply For A Store?

If you have the features specified by Trendyol and can meet the following information and documents, you will see a form when you go to the Seller Application page on the Trendyol website. You can make your application by filling out this form and sending it.

What Information And Documents Does Trendyol Require to Open a Store?

Trendyol asks for the following information in the form you fill in when applying for a store;

1. Company trade name
2. Your company type
3. Your tax identification number
4. Your commercial registration number
5. Categories to sell
6. Name and surname
7. Your e-mail address
8. Your mobile phone number
Links in other virtual marketplaces or your own e-commerce site
In addition to this information requested while filling the application form, the following documents are also required;
1. Certificate of Activity,
2. Tax Board,
3. Signature Circular,
4. Trade Registry Gazette

If you cannot meet these information and documents, they will not be accepted even if you apply.

When Will My Application Result?

After completing your application, you start the approval process of your application. This process varies depending on the accuracy and adequacy of the information and documents you provide and the density of the approval unit. If your application is approved, you will be contacted with the contact information you specified and the information required for the opening of the store will be notified to you.


Opening a store on an e-commerce platform with high customer traffic like Trendyol has several benefits. We tried to share what we think is the most important among them.

1. Ready customer base: Trendyol is a platform with high recognition due to its e-commerce activity for many years. Considering that the platform, which is visited at least once a day by 3 out of every 4 women, has around 25 million members and 50 million visits per month, the customer potential it will offer you can be enormous.
2. Brand awareness: When you sell by opening a store on Trendyol, your brand awareness will increase in parallel with your sales. As mentioned above, you can easily introduce yourself to some of the fifty million monthly visitors.
3. Product Promotion: Your products are presented to the consumer from the moment you open the store. In this context, you will have the opportunity to introduce every product you offer to the consumer.
4. Advertisements: Trendyol shows its advertisements in almost every period in all channels. Under normal circumstances, you will have to attract customers by advertising with very serious budgets, but Trendyol also undertakes this job.


1. Competition: You will have a lot of competitors selling under Trendyol. You may have to make additional payments to feature your products and compete with competitors.

2. Commission: Trendyol receives a certain amount of commission from each store for the services it provides. For this reason, when determining your product prices, you should reflect the commission amount you will pay or compromise your profitability.

3. The Difficulty of Creating a Brand: Platform, brand, advertisements… In short, almost everything is carried out under the Trendyol brand. For this reason, you should not ignore the fact that you are alone again outside the Trendyol roof and the fact that you are connected to the platform.