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What To Do To Establish An E-Commerce Site

Yunus Tıraş
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What To Do To Establish An E-Commerce Site

E-commerce is a structure that comes into our lives in parallel with the Internet in our country and provides a high comfort area for both buyers and sellers. Especially for years, large companies have been present in e-commerce and have come into our lives due to the epidemic-like situations.

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Requirements for Establishing an E-Commerce Site

Being a priority taxpayer since you will work with trade,

The product and service portfolio you will sell,

Deciding which cargo company to deliver the products and services to customers,

Determining the payment methods,

You need to choose an e-commerce infrastructure that fully meets your needs.

Company Establishment

You have to be a taxpayer regardless of which medium you trade. In accordance with this type of structure you have planned, you can become a taxpayer by fulfilling your responsibilities towards the establishment of a limited, joint-stock or sole proprietorship.


While creating your brand, you should make sure that the name you choose is also registered in the digital world and has not been registered before. When choosing a domain name, it would be useful to choose a catchy name as short as possible. Again, you should make sure that your brand name is not copyrighted by other people.

Products and Services

You must decide and plan which products and services to sell on your website. If you are going to sell a product you produce, your plan is narrower, while if you are going to buy the products from different suppliers, you need a wider plan. You can consider many processes such as agreements to be made with each supplier, delivery periods and payment under this heading.

Cargo and Logistics

From the moment you step into e-commerce, when you start to receive domestic or international orders according to the location of your target audience, the cargo company that will deliver these products to your customers without any problem must be determined in advance. It should be noted that cargo companies make agreements with companies that send regular shipping on much more favorable terms. Thanks to these agreements, you can save some more to your household in the profit account.

Payment Infrastructure

Payment infrastructure is indispensable for an e-commerce site. In order for the products you sell to be easily purchased by customers, you must have a smoothly working payment infrastructure. While only banks could provide the payment infrastructure in the recent past, today, many brokerage houses offer this service under favorable conditions. If you do not want to use a ready-made integrated e-commerce infrastructure, it is essential to test this integration by a software developer. Otherwise, it may lead to security weakness and put you in a process where you will have to face serious legal problems.

E-Commerce Infrastructure Choice

In order to sell your products and services over the internet, you first need a website or mobile application. When you have a website that works in integration with the e-commerce infrastructure, potential customers can visit this website to learn about your products and services, examine the product they need in detail, place an order by making payment, and track the delivery of the order. Moreover, they can do all this without leaving the warm environment of their home. A website that keeps the user experience at the highest level also guarantees customer satisfaction for your e-commerce business.