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N11 Store Opening Guide

Barış Dur
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N11 Store Opening Guide

How to Open N11 Store?

If you are a taxpayer, you can open a store on n11. N11, which is a taxpayer, allows accounts that verify that they are taxpayers to open stores and sell their products.

After creating your account, find the Document management section under My Account page. When you upload your documents and sales contract requested from this section, you can proceed to the next step after your store is approved by n11.

What Documents Do I Need to Open a Store in N11?

As of 2020, we have given below the documents requested by n11 from taxpayers.

1. Documents Required for Capital Companies or Ordinary Partnerships

• Current Activity Certificate (must have been received within the last 6 months)
• Establishment Trade Registry Gazette
•Signature Circulars
• Partnership Agreement (for Ordinary Partnerships)
• Labor Financial Terms and Principles (Commission Agreement)
• Seller Announcement and Transaction Agreement ( Contract)

2. Documents Required for Private Companies

•Tax Board
•Signature Circulars
• Photocopy of Identity Card
• Labor Financial Terms and Principles (Commission Agreement)
• Seller Announcement and Transaction Agreement ( Contract)

How Long Does N11 Store Approval Take?

If you have opened your N11 Account and have sent the necessary documents, it is useful to be patient after this point. All documents you send are examined by Doğuş Planet in detail and store applications of suitable businesses are approved. This process varies according to the adequacy and accuracy of the information and documents you send.

Can I Make Sales On The N11 Without Opening A Store?

To be able to sell on N11, you must have an approved store. Considering that it is a platform where only companies' applications are accepted, you will already find the answer for yourself.

What Are The Fees that N11 Demands?

N11 does not charge any fee for the store application. There are various packages in n11, depending on the product item that only the companies whose application has been accepted are willing to sell.

What Are N11 Sales Commission Rates?

If you had the chance to take a look at the membership and the user agreement afterwards, you should have read the sections where the commission rates are explained in detail. We have compiled the commission rates on the basis of categories for you:

Electronic Products and Accessories: Varies between 5% - 10%,
Cosmetics and Personal Care Products: Varies between 14% and 15%,
Mother and Baby Products: Varies between 14% and 20%,
Books, Music, Movies and Games: Varies between 4% and 15%,
Jewelry and Watch Products: Varies between 5% - 20%,
Automotive and Motorcycle Products: Varies between 5% - 11%,
Sports and Outdoor Products: Changing between 6% - 15%.

Selling And Taxation Through N11

As usual, you need to invoice and pay any taxes due for sales through N11.

Invoices For N11 Store

N11 invoices the commission and service fees it collects monthly and sends it to your e-mail. For invoices that do not reach you via your e-mail, you can access the Invoice Query section in the Payment Method tab of the management panel of your store, download it to your computer and print it.