Mar 2021, 24

What You Need to Know to Sell Products Abroad

Ali Nail Uzun
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What You Need to Know to Sell Products Abroad

Foreign sales are undoubtedly one of the issues that people who sell through e-commerce platforms are curious about in order to grow their business and to open up to new markets. We have prepared this article that we hope to be useful for you by compiling the topics that you are curious about and that we find useful to know before attempting a comprehensive business such as selling products abroad.

Of course, selling products or goods abroad is not only possible with e-commerce. However, since manual methods other than e-commerce are much more troublesome and limited, selling abroad with your e-commerce site provides you many advantages. The titles you may want to save in your notebook in order to obtain these advantages are as follows ...

Localize Your Website To Sell Abroad

When selling products abroad, you should make things easier with a website in the native language of your customer portfolio. Although English as the common language is accepted all over the world, the number of people who cannot speak English is still quite high. For this reason, having a website that supports the native languages ​​of the countries you are targeting will facilitate your sales activities abroad. However, do not forget the importance of having employees who can speak that language in order to have a healthy dialogue with your potential customers. No matter how successful today's translation technologies are, using these tools can harm your corporate identity.

Learn About Marketing and Advertising Channels For Selling Abroad

It is useful to consider that the marketing mechanism of each country and culture works differently. In order to sell abroad, you must analyze the dynamics of the country you have determined correctly. For example, while newspaper ads can increase brand awareness in a country, internet ads can achieve successful results instead of newspaper ads in another country. With customized filters like these, you can create marketing and advertising strategies that will increase your sales success abroad.

Know Legal Requirements

While selling abroad, perhaps the most important issue is to learn the legal obligations of the country where the sale is made. When you sell products abroad, you should learn many details such as the tax rates of the target country, customs regulations, the content of the contracts to be made between the parties and apply them in every sale. Otherwise, you may encounter products stuck at customs, packages that should be returned but not refunded, penalties imposed on your company by the destination country, and many more.

Optimize Your Payment Infrastructure To Sell Goods Abroad

Perhaps the most crucial point of an e-commerce ecosystem is the payment system. When a customer likes a product, he / she starts the purchase by adding that product to his / her cart, and then completes the payment by entering the credit card information in the relevant form. What should be considered in this standard procedure is whether your payment infrastructure is contracted with the banks of the target countries. Although it does not constitute a problem in most cases, it is possible to see infrastructures that block the bank cards of the relevant countries in some cases. In order not to experience such problems and not to miss your potential customers, it is useful to confirm that the company offering payment infrastructure works smoothly with the relevant country cards.

Build Your Cargo Logistics Infrastructure

Product sales were easily realized through your e-commerce site, congratulations! From this point on, it is an ordinary step such as packaging the requested product and sending it to the address of the recipient. But wait a minute; Which company did you choose to send cargo to the relevant country? Today, although cargo companies usually ship to the whole world, changes in pricing and shipping time can reach very extreme points. The relevant cargo companies may also be carrying out a sloppy transport. For this reason, when you sell abroad, you should decide which cargo company you will prefer as a result of researching price, performance and past user experiences and inform your customer.