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What is E-commerce?

Barış Dur
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What is E-commerce?

E commerce is the name given to the whole process in platforms that has emerged since 1995, when the internet began to spread, and that allows products and services to be bought and sold online effortlessly. E-commerce, which has gained momentum with the development of technology, has completely changed the shopping habits in our country and in the world. In the past, the products that were seen by going to the sales-oriented places such as shops, markets and markets, together with the e-commerce concept, made it possible for us to buy the product we want from where we live, through our computers or mobile phones.

It is a structure that includes many processes in e-commerce content. The seller shares important information for the buyer, such as technical information, price and shipping, through the website by storing their products. When the buyer purchases the product or service, the seller prepares the product and sends it to the requested address.

In recent years, e-commerce has become the most important sales - marketing channel of countries and companies. TÜSİAD, which publishes an annual report on this subject in our country, revealed that 1.36 billion products were purchased through e-commerce channels in 2019, and the average purchase price was 99.5 TL. E-commerce, which provides steady growth every year, has led to the development of different concepts and strategies by the experts of the subject.

Sellers who want to market their products and services with e-commerce turn to professional solutions in order to manage the process correctly. Sellers, who have to manage a wide organization such as product management, tax regulations, payment and cargo integration, customer relations, logistics and personnel affairs, manage their business more easily with automation software implemented by the experts of the subject.

Features of Comwize E commerce Software

E Commerce Management

An e-commerce platform needs modules that serve the general functioning, such as product management, category management, payment system integrations, cargo tracking integrations, and marketplace integrations. Comwize allows you to effortlessly manage the system with its modules specially designed to carry out all these operations.

E Export Management

Would you like to sell internationally? Thanks to Comwize, you can arrange the entire system according to countries, determine your product prices according to countries, and have a shipping and payment system for each country.

Customer Relations Management

Comwize records on your behalf data that will be useful for you in the future, such as the offers you give to your customers, call and contact records, visits and other notes, both during the sales process and after the sale. It allows you to view all the records belonging to the customer determined in a few simple steps whenever you need. It also helps you save time by allowing you to use the proposal draft you will save in the system over and over again.

Finance Tools

E-commerce platforms are legally no different from any other store. Just as a store has jobs such as current records, cash movements, bank transactions, invoice / e-invoice and e-collection, e-commerce platforms must manage the same processes. Comwize performs these processes on your behalf with its integrated structure, giving you extra freedom.

Production Management Tools

With the production module included in Comwize, it allows you to easily record or perform tasks such as production planning according to order, creating and managing production units, creating and tracking production requests, inventory management, warehouse management and production recipes.

Purchasing and Shipping

With Comwize, issues such as stock control, warehouse management, cargo tracking integration, supplier management come up with simple and easily accessible menus. It is possible to integrate the module of the cargo company you have signed into the system with just a few clicks and approvals.

Human Resources

Although e-commerce takes place in a virtual environment, manpower is needed in the processes that need to be carried out in the background. Therefore, all the modules you need are available in Comwize e-commerce software. Comwize e-commerce software manages your obligations such as personnel personal files, leave and health report statements, advance and salary payments, insurance and similar legal procedures.