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What is Network?

Barış Dur
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What is Network?

Network is to turn these people into customers who buy their own products and services, as a result of the efforts to establish business and friendship relations with other professionals, employees and potential customers in order to expand the commercial sphere of influence of the companies.

What are the Advantages of Network?

As it is known, the most important development step for companies is the right PR work. By definition, PR (Public Relations) is to increase the number of people your company can reach and to ensure that the people you reach benefit from your products and services, and network is one of the best PR activities. If it is necessary to mention the benefits of the network, it is possible to separate them according to various criteria.

Chance to Meet New People and Get References

During the networking phase, you have the opportunity to meet many different people from every sector. Generally, the process develops in the form of getting to know each other, sharing information about the work done, and planting the seeds for the future. Every person you meet has the potential to become a future partnership, project sharing or just your customer.

Chance to promote yourself and your brand

As we said at the beginning of the article, you also have the chance to introduce yourself and your brand, that is, to do PR work. Thanks to the WOM (Word of mouth) approach, which is very popular in various sectors, every individual you introduce yourself and your brand carries this information to other individuals around them.

You Can Follow Current Issues in the Industry

Meeting other people in the sector in which you operate, communicating and sharing information gives you the chance to closely follow the developments in the sector.

Helps You Solve Problems

As your network develops, you will have the chance to collaborate with other industries. In business life, which requires multifaceted strategies, you have to face a wide variety of problems and find solutions. At this point, you can find the support you need among people you have met before.

Information Sharing Opportunity

Knowledge and experience are tools that increase as they are shared. In this context, you can make inferences for your own share from the knowledge and experience of each person you meet, and have the chance to transfer your knowledge and experience to others.

How to Create a Network?

While creating your network, you should pay attention to various criteria in order to reach the right portfolio of people and keep them around.

Attend the Right Events

Before deciding to participate in an event, it is necessary to examine the participants of that event and the appropriateness of the event for networking. Participating in events where people who are not suitable to do business with you attend or where communication is difficult can be a waste of time in terms of networking.

Look Professional by Taking Care of Your Clothing

When people communicate with you, they first have a good or bad impression thanks to your outward appearance. For this reason, we recommend that you take care of your clothing when you mingle in society.

Emphasize Face-to-Face Meetings

As technology developed, human relations began to digitalize. During networking activities, be careful to be face to face with people. Touch people, so to speak. In this way, you will have the chance to build strong foundations by establishing medium and long-term friendships.

Don't Ignore the Mutual Gain Criterion

In the business world, things are inflexible against repetitive situations that result in one party's benefit. In other words, if the other party has benefited from you in a matter, this should be the opposite in the next process. So you should try to establish a relationship where both parties benefit equally.

Ask Questions and Listen

The biggest problem of human relations today is that we try to make our own ideas listen instead of listening to the other person. Since both sides will be in the same situation, you should maintain a certain balance, listen to the other side after sharing your ideas and show that you are interested in what is being said. This makes it easier for you to establish a dialogue and strengthens your bonds.

Be Prepared

Become an expert in what you do and try to ponder possible questions from people you just met. In this way, you can give direct and self-confident answers to the question patterns you have studied before. With this stance, you will have a very high chance of impressing your opponent.

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