Sep 2020, 05

E-Commerce Packages

Barış Dur
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E-Commerce Packages

Comwize E-Commerce Systems

Almost everyone today; Due to its wide range of products, different prices, and being safe and effortless, it has turned to shopping on the internet. There are millions of e-commerce sites in different themes such as shopping, gaming, betting, series and movies to provide more options to millions of users. In order to be a platform that is visited more in this large number, websites should look professional and have a smooth functioning. It is inevitable that the sites that receive hundreds or even thousands of visitors and make sales every day lose more customers by taking part in the complaint platforms at the slightest disruption. For this, it is necessary to carry out careful work on the back of your e-commerce site, which you have opened to visit by thinking about everything with great care. Comwize offers professional support to those who want to have an e-commerce site that will rank at the top of search engines, but have no knowledge of its operation, or to large-scale e-commerce sites that already exist. With the e-commerce packages it offers, Comwize allows you to manage all areas related to your site through the same system, it takes precautions by noticing even the small possibility that will adversely affect your site. Thanks to the smooth operation it offers, it increases the duration of stay and shopping opportunities of your visitors or customers on your site. Comwize becomes your virtual office worker to make your e-commerce site more professional and preferable.

Stand Out With Your Site Design

The visuality of your site is the most important element to create a positive and reliable effect on your visitors. A well thought out site also shows the importance you place on your business. Comwize creates different visual designs suitable for the purpose of your e-commerce site that you are under construction. But it is up to you where you want to put which item. You have the opportunity to place sections such as products, categories, communication, cargo tracking or advertising banners and boxes on any part of your site. You can use the original themes that Comwize has designed for you, or you can make your own design on the system if you want.

Comwize creates responsive designs for you as well as a compatible site design that you can follow from all screens. With flexible site designs, your visitors can see all the design elements of your site intact, whether from their large-screen computers, tablets or phones. Responsive design ensures that your site is compatible with all screens automatically, and prevents your design elements from slipping off the page as in some sites. Thus, you can provide a professional service to those who visit your site on their mobile devices.

Professionally Managing Your Website

It is difficult to manage websites that get thousands of visitors every day. All transactions must be carried out without disruption, and unwanted situations that may occur must be predicted in advance and made more useful. Conwize allows you to manage your site more successfully and forward. If you have one or more websites, it allows you to control them all over the same system. So everything related to all your sites is at your fingertips. It is possible to create a special platform for your colleagues in various areas of your site. For example, you can create a more organized working environment by gathering your personnel who can deal with customer questions or problems, enter your products on the site, take orders and ship them under separate sections.

You can manage your other websites and social media accounts related to your e-commerce site through the same system, and you can make transactions on all your sites at the same time. Comwize offers this site and your pages to your visitors with the design options it offers.

Comwize Avoids All Disruptions

Dealing with stock, cargo, and customers can be difficult on e-commerce sites that serve the masses. For this, Comwize classifies all your transactions and takes control of the stock status, cargo status and customer service of the products. Selling a product that is out of stock, not shipping the ordered product or shipping a second product, and not being able to respond to customers' problems with the site and products often cause you to see the name of your site on the complaint pages and create a bad image. Comwize avoids these situations and allows you to control a perfectly functioning system on a single screen. It prevents material and moral losses for both your customers and your site.