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E-commerce Software

Yunus Tıraş
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E-commerce Software

E-commerce software; It is the general name of software that facilitates or makes it autonomous to manage processes such as trading, accounting, customer service through websites and applications. Softwares that can work on different platforms, speed up transactions as much as possible and give the end user freedom of management should be preferred.

To explain e-commerce software in general;

Management panel

The administration panel is the most important part for e-commerce software. An advanced and easy to understand management panel should be the most important reason for preference for the end user. Understandably designed menus, modules specially designed for each transaction, and shortcuts allow you to easily adapt and manage the system with e-commerce software.

Speed ​​and Stability

E-commerce software consists of a combination of many modules. As the size of the recorded data increases over time, the processing time gets longer and the performance is affected. In order to eliminate this negative situation, we recommend that you pay attention to whether it is prepared by an expert team when choosing e-commerce software.

Cross Platform Support

E-commerce software must be manageable from web and mobile devices. Mobile applications running on every platform and a website that works on all devices is a must for e-commerce software. When you have a website that is correctly sized for the screen size, you will also be successful in user experience. It should be known that e-commerce sites that can provide a high level of user experience are also more successful in sales.


E-commerce software should not be just about managing a website. A properly planned e-commerce software should have the ability to fulfill all business and transactions with many modules. For example; If you buy an e-commerce software just to manage your website, you will need to purchase separate software for stock control, separate for accounting transactions, and separate software for customer relations. Apart from paying for each software separately, it is impossible for all these software to work in harmony with each other. An e-commerce software that runs all modules integrated will save you both time and money.


Managing an e-commerce system is no different than managing a store. Therefore, you will have to spend a lot of time and follow the developments. For this reason, when choosing e-commerce software, we recommend that you choose a software that can access the system whenever and wherever you want. You will understand what we mean when you think about the freedom to be able to manage your business outside the office.

Comwize E-commerce Software

Comwize e-commerce software offers much more than running a shopping website. With the Comwize e-commerce software, which is the result of the cooperation of e-commerce experts and software developers, you have everything you need to manage an e-commerce operation at every stage.

Comwize e-commerce software comes with a website compatible with all mobile devices. This website has a modern and stylish design with all the features to easily sell your products.

Comwize e-commerce software includes modules developed for administrators. These modules on your e-commerce site;

It allows you to easily do all your work such as Product and Category Management, Accounting and Financial Tools, Reports, Customer Relations and Personnel Affairs.

Comwize e-commerce software can be easily controlled from all platforms. However, the specially designed database structure makes it possible to always work with the first day performance.

With Comwize e-commerce software, sensitive information such as personal data of your customers, payment information and the security of the system itself are 100% safe. It is almost impossible for unauthorized persons from outside to access.

Comwize offers reporting for every step of the e-commerce operation. Income - Expense, Performance and other reports can be easily viewed.