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E-export ERP Software

Yunus Tıraş
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E-export ERP Software

What is E-export ERP Software?

E-export ERP software is the software that offers the modules and integrations needed when trading outside the borders of the country with an advanced interface, and brings a certain standard to the processes while preventing confusion and time loss. While the e-export process requires confusing actions such as different regulations according to the country and region, legal factors to be considered, different logistics connections, e-export erp software can provide various advantages.

If you want to sell your products in various regions and countries of the world, you must act according to the dynamics of each country. You need to reflect different settings and regulations such as the currency in which your products will be sold, the currency of the target country, and the delivery of the product to the end user in the relevant country.

Do you want your products and services to be preferred in the world market by dealing with e-export? So let's briefly summarize for you what you should pay attention to when choosing e-export erp software that will work for you in management.


Of course, when the user visiting your website encounters a Turkish interface, it means that the trade ends before it starts. Meeting your potential customers with a website prepared in their native language will provide ease of use and support the purchasing process as the first step of the trust environment.


You may be selling products in TL, but the rest of the world may not be aware of the value of TL. Therefore, the price of your products and services should be displayed in the currency of the potential customer. E-export ERP software should be able to reflect to the system by making instant exchange rate calculations between currencies.


You may have to sell your products at different prices in each country. In such cases, e-export erp software should be able to help you. Thanks to the country-based price determination feature, you can show the price you want to the country you want.

Platform Support

If you are dealing with e-export business, you have to make sure that your website can be viewed from all devices and that all functions are working. Otherwise, if you have a website that constantly fails or where critical processes cannot be completed, then alarm bells are ringing for you.

Comwize E-export ERP Software

Comwize e-export software is a software that allows you to easily overcome all difficult processes with integrated services, which will be preferred by people who do not know any limits in sales and to bring their products to world markets.

Comwize e-export erp software, which allows you to easily perform the most demanding operations with an advanced interface, is a complete solution that offers many services as well as being a single software.

Comwize e-export ERP software comes with an advanced website. With its stylish themes, functions that work 100% compatible with the software working in the background, designs that can be viewed on all devices without any problem, your showcase that opens to the internet is in safe hands with Comwize.

Let Comwize the Transition from E-commerce to E-export

Comwize makes the fine adjustments that need to be made when selling abroad. For example, it automatically recognizes which country the visitor of your website is from and adjusts its interface according to that language. The prices of all products registered in the system are automatically updated according to the currency of the visitor. If your price policy varies according to the country of the visitor, Comwize will immediately apply the rules you set by directly reflecting this change.

Hassle-Free Payment

Comwize e-export erp software easily integrates with payment channels that are also valid abroad. In this way, regardless of which type of card is used, it offers you the infrastructure that will allow you to easily get the reward for your product or service.

Mobile Application

Do you want to manage your business by spending long hours in the office, or do you want to have a job that you can access instantly from wherever you want? You can easily access Comwize e-export ERP software wherever you are, thanks to the application you can install on your mobile phone or tablet. Whether you're on a customer visit or on vacation with your family, you can manage your entire business from your mobile phone or tablet.

Other Services

Comwize e-export erp software comes with many different modules and services. Your company's finance - accounting works, customer services, human resources, warehouse and inventory management, production planning, which were annoying in the past, are now much simpler with the modules and services Comwize offers to you! You haven't really decided yet?