Aug 2020, 28


Ali Nail Uzun
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Manage Your E-Commerce Site from a Single Platform with Comwize

E-commerce is a rising sales method today. Many companies can increase their turnover through online channels by moving their business to e-commerce and carry out all their activities over the internet. However, following both e-commerce, e-export and ERP (Enterprise Resournce Planning) processes through separate channels can be tiring and time consuming from time to time. With Comwize e-commerce systems, which gather many categories such as accounting, customer relations, personnel management, call center, mobile application management, where you can track purchasing and shipping transactions while managing your website, you can save time and save your business with Comwize e-commerce systems. You will have the chance to manage from wherever you want. Whether from home or office. This functional e-commerce software with many e-commerce packages is ready to be a smart companion for your existing business or new venture!

SEO Infrastructure

Thanks to Comwize's SEO compatible infrastructure, you can add browser titles, meta tags and descriptions, and select H tags to determine the content you want to highlight on your website. By creating sitemaps so that search engines can easily list the contents and categories of your site, you can rank high in search results thanks to the SEO compatible infrastructure. Moreover, you can easily implement this not for a single website, but for all websites you own, thanks to the SEO-friendly user interface.

Managing Multiple E-Commerce Sites from a Single Platform

If you have more than one E-Commerce or E-Export initiative, managing each of your sites on a separate panel can cause a waste of time between your work schedule. Thanks to Comwize's ability to manage all your websites on a single panel, you can manage your websites' sales analysis, form management, purchasing management, finance and accounting transactions, customer relations management (CRM), personnel, warehouse stock, campaign and production management, order management processes. you can easily execute.

E-Commerce & ERP Together!

You can run the ERP system, which works in full compliance with the infrastructure of your e-commerce site, in an integrated manner without having to have a separate infrastructure provider for e-commerce and a separate infrastructure provider for ERP. You can benefit from every application you need by having over 200 ERP applications that work fully integrated with your e-commerce site for free. You can experience the convenience of accessing features such as CRM, finance and accounting, personnel management, sales and marketing, viewing stock information and purchasing, which are among the basic needs of every company, from a single channel.

Access to E-Export Features Anytime

You can have a flexible structure with different currencies, language options and tax rates for the countries you operate in. By showing your customers the language and currency of the country they live in, you can change your pricing according to the country you want. You can have the opportunity to manage your order delivery processes more comfortably with not only domestic but also international cargo integrations.

100% Responsive Web Sites

You can have a user-friendly interface by ensuring that your website has the same aesthetic appearance and functionality, whether on a computer or a mobile phone. Thus, your website runs smoothly on all platforms and does not cause you loss of turnover.

Meet Comwize right away and carry your e-commerce activities to a solid and integrated structure, so you can relax!