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E Commerce Stock Management

Feyza Uzun
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E Commerce Stock Management

What is E Commerce Stock Management?

E-commerce stock management is the largest part of the e-commerce operation, which directly affects the purchase, supply, supply, storage and sales processes. While e-commerce stock management businesses manage their sales processes quickly and smoothly, they do not have any problems with procurement.
The structure of inventory management may also vary according to the product portfolio of the e-commerce base. For example, with an e-commerce store selling boutique products, the stock management operation for today's famous e-commerce structures varies considerably. In this article, we will try to explain the issues required for the e-commerce stock management course.


E-commerce stock management is a process where many stages are carried out together. Your organizational skills can be decisive in this structure, where you need to carry out the procurement, storage and follow-up stages together. If you assign your staff with various responsibilities in process management, its operation will be much easier. When you record the personnel you undertake responsibility with an organizational chart, you will have the chance to arrange the issues of who is responsible for the problems that may occur and how to solve them at an early stage.


Whatever type of trade we talk about, there is an issue that is as important as selling, which is undoubtedly supply. You have to keep track of the number of products in your warehouse and supply them to ensure product performance. A product that you cannot supply on time will cause the reliability of your company to be questioned and consequently the loss of customers. Then you should always take care to create a second procurement plan and at the same time. Disruption is experienced in every company, the important thing is to be among those who get rid of the disruptions with the least damage.


Storage is one of the units that significantly affects your company costs. Operating style that is not followed correctly and does not comply with the standards can cause serious damage to your company. You should ensure that the storage and stock management style you will determine according to the type of product or your company policy is followed. Nowadays, you can choose FIFO and LIFO, which are two different systems preferred in this regard. Having your warehouses in a certain order will also make your job easier when managing e-commerce stock. Knowing exactly which product is on which shelf will ease your work in the sales process as well as inventory tracking.


Including technology as much as possible in the process while managing e-commerce stock will contribute positively to the process. A stock management software that works in integration with your e-commerce website offers a structure that inspects stocks instantly. Thanks to a system that monitors sales figures and stocks in real time, you can receive various warnings about the products you need to supply and do not encounter unexpected problems.

E Commerce Stock Management with Comwize

Comwize E-commerce ERP Software, which is a valuable tool in e-commerce stock management, undertakes many responsibilities with its stock management modules and services and offers various freedoms for the manager.

It will be very useful in e-commerce stock management such as product distribution according to the warehouses you have defined, various warnings and autonomous operations about the product that has fallen below the specified limit by following the products, creating an organization chart and monitoring the performance of the personnel, organizing and planning the production and suppliers, and making various definitions. You can find the modules in the services offered by Comwize.

With its advanced interface, Comwize makes all operations accessible from the same screen, and allows the administrator to understand the system more easily and manage the process more easily. Thanks to the system supported by iOS and Android applications, Comwize allows you to manage e-commerce stock regardless of time and place, and gives you more freedom by undertaking almost all of the responsibilities you normally have to undertake.