Sep 2020, 17

E Commerce Site

Feyza Uzun
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E Commerce Site

The fact that technology provides convenience in every field is a situation that paves the way for innovations in the trade sector. One of these innovations is e-commerce and the opportunities it provides. The concept of e-commerce, which has managed to attract the attention of large masses in a short time, provides a different window in trade. E commerce means that all transactions, from the purchase and sale of products or services to communication and marketing, are carried out through electronic devices. E-commerce sites that succeed in bringing together buyers and sellers from any two different points of the world are a great choice for those who aim to enter the global market.

What are the Advantages of Using an E-commerce Site?

The use of e-commerce sites has rapidly gained momentum, especially in the last 10 years. The biggest reason for this is the serious increase in the number of people who have internet access and turn to online transactions. Internet, which has a great benefit to people in terms of accessibility, is a technology that commercial enterprises frequently prefer to increase and implement their services. Since businesses think that it is more advantageous to carry out transactions in the digital environment, they can turn to e-commerce and expand their markets worldwide. The use of e-commerce sites, which is the choice of many businesses, has different advantages:

1. Reaching potential customers becomes much easier thanks to e-commerce integration.

2. It can be ensured that trade can be done 24/7.

3. The cost to set up an e-commerce site is more affordable than a real store.

4. A restrictive locality and low profits can be easily avoided by easily entering global markets.

5. The shorter time spent on shopping in electronic environment also saves time.

6. Despite being newly established, the recognition of companies can rapidly increase thanks to e-commerce sites.

8. Personnel expenses can be reduced thanks to e-commerce.

Requirements to Establish an E commerce Site

You can take advantage of the services offered by Comwize to set up an e-commerce site and to have information about all the topics you are curious about. The requirements for setting up an e-commerce site are as follows;

Making the right decisions in the selection of products: Trade cannot be done without products that are the most necessary element of e-commerce sites. First, you need to decide whether you want to move forward with selling products with a single product or selling multiple products. Choosing the most suitable product for your target audience is of great importance for e-commerce success.

Domain name : You should be very careful in choosing the domain name that will be your identity on the Internet. Pay attention not to have Turkish expressions, to be short and catchy. Although choosing a domain name seems like a small detail, it is one of the steps to be successful in e-commerce.

Company : Since e-commerce cannot be done without a taxpayer, you must have a company. If there is no company, you can also start e-commerce by establishing a private company.

Shipping : You must agree with the cargo companies and specify your shipping options during the product sale. You can contact and negotiate with a courier company that is suitable for opportunities such as payment at the door and online payment.

Infrastructure : Having the e-commerce infrastructure ready increases your customer satisfaction and makes your work easier. During the selection of e-commerce infrastructure, you should thoroughly review the services offered. You should arrange every detail carefully, from search engines to payment systems.

Payment Methods : The abundance of payment possibilities, which is one of the most important points of e-commerce, can make you a more preferable business. It would be more beneficial for you and your customers to offer alternative payment options.