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E-commerce Sites

Ali Nail Uzun
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E-commerce Sites

E commerce sites are platforms where shopping transactions are carried out virtually. Each e-commerce site is a software that is integrated with modules that promote products and services, direct the customer correctly, and enable the sale to be its main purpose. As in a store, products are categorized in a certain order, and various menus are placed in place of the aisle attendant.

What Ecommerce Sites Need to Be Successful

User experience

When the user wants to buy a product, he wants to end the whole process quickly due to the nature of e-commerce. For this reason, e-commerce sites have to keep the user experience at a high level. Many arrangements should be made to increase the user experience, from the number of menus used to the font, from cross-platform compatibility to routers. In cases where the user cannot complete the purchasing process in a short time, they usually lose their purchase request and leave the e-commerce site.

Correct Planning

E-commerce sites should be planned like a store. When the customer comes to the website as a result of a certain search, complementary or alternative products should be removed in addition to the product he has requested, and it should be tried to increase the sales chances and quantity. Shortcuts should be created in order to categorize the products correctly and to make the sales process as soon as possible.

Speed ​​and Stability

When viewing a product that attracts the customer's interest, the website crashes or when a link clicked cannot be reached, the realization of the sale is no more than an optimistic dream. For this reason, e-commerce software should be prepared using the right algorithms, and attention should be paid to speed and stability. Today, it is possible to develop e-commerce software with various software languages. For this reason, we strongly recommend you to choose a software created with the knowledge and experience of an expert staff.

Cross Platform Support

Today, e-commerce websites are also visited on mobile devices such as mobile phones and purchases are mostly made on mobile devices. For this reason, it is important that an e-commerce site is displayed in the correct size on all device types and that all functions are running. While this increases the popularity of the e-commerce site, it also helps google and similar search engines give your e-commerce site a high score.

Comwize E commerce Software

When you buy Comwize e commerce software, you can also have a website that is integrated with the software. The changes you make on Comwize are reflected on your website instantly and save you from a huge workload. Comwize is also a software that can be managed thanks to mobile software, so you can manage your e-commerce site even when you are not in your office, keep track of orders and payments, instantly see the payments for new orders, and enter the cargo information of the products you ship, ensuring your freedom.
Since e-commerce sites are commercial structures, reports are one of the important parts of this structure. Comwize e-commerce software allows you to view vital reports such as all sales, payments, customer statistics on the e-commerce site with simple steps with the reporting modules that come with it. The reports are designed simple so that you can easily view and analyze them.

Comwize e-commerce software works 100% compatible with all modules and accompanying website and applications. Any change can be viewed instantly from all modules and applications.

Comwize e-commerce software provides maximum control over your company's commercial activities with the accounting module it contains. In this way, you can easily manage your financial movements and keep your pre-accounting.

Comwize e-commerce software, which also has a customer relations module, instantly records the messages and support requests of customers who want to communicate with you through your website. It has convenient modules for viewing logs and responding.

Comwize e-commerce software also includes modules for all personnel work. You can manage all the data of your employees with modules such as employee personal files, annual and health leaves, legal rights and performance reports.