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What is E-commerce ERP Software?

Barış Dur
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What is E-commerce ERP Software?

What is E-commerce ERP Software?

E-Commerce ERP software is the software that allows businesses dealing with e-commerce to manage their processes such as sales, marketing, warehouse, inventory, production planning and logistics simultaneously. With the E-Commerce ERP software, it is aimed to save time and labor by managing all processes from the same screen.

E-Commerce systems are complex systems that contain many different units and the organization of these units must be managed without error and simultaneously. When you choose software that works on only one subject while managing processes such as organizing the website, realizing sales, checking the warehouse and stock of the product, and delivering the product to the buyer after sales, you cannot benefit from the advantages of ERP technology. At the same time, the license fee you will pay when you purchase separate software to manage all these processes can bring you serious financial burdens.

E-commerce businesses are stores that work 24/7. Individuals with the purpose of purchasing can visit your website or application, examine the product they request, and make the purchase at any time of the day. For this reason, you need tools to keep the system under observation at all times. ERP offers you all this freedom and control over the process.

Comwize E-Commerce ERP Software

Comwize e-commerce ERP software is a complete solution consisting of a combination of many modules and services that enables you to save time and labor by combining e-commerce and e-export processes with ERP integrations. E-commerce management is a challenging process that requires many different processes to be carried out together. For this reason, software solutions used in the past and requiring the use of different software are shelved with Comwize e-commerce ERP software, bringing you together with a technology where all processes can be managed from a single screen and many services are offered in one package.


One of the essentials for e-commerce is undoubtedly the website. The website, which is offered to your service with Comwize e-commerce ERP software, has a modern and stylish design and is 100% compatible with all devices. Critical functions such as the management of your products and services, sales process management work in integration with Comwize e-commerce ERP software and every change that occurs in the system is immediately reflected on your screen. With its easy integration infrastructure, Comwize e-commerce ERP software allows you to offer various payment methods and functional features such as credit card / debit card payment from your website and cargo tracking.

E-commerce Management

Comwize e-commerce ERP software promises an advanced e-commerce management. It gives you complete control over e-commerce processes with advanced product management, payment systems integration, cargo integration, marketplace integrations, sales management and other integrated ERP modules.


Do you want to sell your products and services outside the borders of the country? With Comwize e-commerce ERP software, you can easily access the services you will need while going abroad. With country-based language selection, currency settings, country-based price determination, international shipping integrations, mobile application and other ERP solutions, you only have to sell your products to the country you want.

Customer Service (CRM)

Like everywhere there is trade, e-commerce requires constant interaction with your customers. Comwize e-commerce ERP software, with its advanced customer service module, offers a variety of tools for customer management, past call records, bulk mail or sms marketing that allows you to make mail marketing to your customers, as well as bulk sms solutions to organize your customer representatives and business partners.

Production Management

Comwize e-commerce ERP software also has a module for you to easily plan the production of all the products you sell. With this module, you can easily perform all the operations you need in subjects such as production planning, production units, production orders, inventory management, warehouse management and production recipes. Thanks to the integrated system, the changes made can be instantly displayed on the screen of those concerned.

Purchasing and Shipping

While storing your products, you need various administrative tools. Business and tools such as warehouse management, stock control, barcode reader, shipment process management, supplier management and purchasing management are offered within Comwize e-commerce ERP software.

Financial Accounting

Comwize e-commerce ERP software also offers an advanced finance - accounting module to streamline and manage your company's financial affairs. In this module, you can easily perform important tasks such as current account tracking, cash movements, bank transactions e-invoice services, finance diary and e-collection services. Thanks to all these services included in a single license, you do not need to purchase a separate software for accounting by paying extra money.

All Work in Your Pocket!

Comwize e-commerce ERP software is always with you with cloud technology. With our application that you can install on your mobile phone or tablet, you will dominate the whole process wherever you are. Instead of spending long hours in the office to manage processes, you can concentrate on different studies to increase your business volume.