Oct 2020, 27

E-commerce Erp

Ali Nail Uzun
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E-commerce Erp

What is E-commerce ERP?

E-commerce management requires an advanced system that requires many different processes to be carried out together. The systems that simultaneously control this advanced system, which requires the control and management of processes such as sales, order, purchasing, procurement, warehouse, logistics, accounting and finance management, are called e-commerce ERP.

As it is known, e-commerce continues to grow with an increasing momentum every year compared to the previous year. As such, the use of the internet becomes inevitable at the point of bringing products and services to consumers. As we mentioned at the beginning, e-commerce systems are the key point of this business. There is no reason not to be successful with a properly planned e-commerce workflow. An e-commerce system is a complex system with a website and the ongoing accounting, warehouse and logistics processes in the background. Therefore, technological support is essential to manage the process. So, what should be considered in choosing e-commerce ERP, or what features should be sought?

We strongly recommend that you choose the solutions that can answer the questions we have prepared for you below.

1. Are the information and documents of your company and dealers safe?
2. Does it allow you to control your company's headquarters, warehouse and branches from a single center?
3. Can your employees working in the field easily access the system from mobile devices?
4. Are transactions made by you or your staff outside the office accounted immediately?
5. Does it allow multiple users to operate at the same time?
6. Is the system stable and fast?
7. Is it integrated with your website, or does it offer a website service?
8. Does it offer a variety of ancillary services where you can do all the business of your company by paying a single license fee?
9. How much freedom does it promise you?

Above, we tried to share with you various questions you can use in e-commerce ERP selection. You can diversify these questions according to your needs, add or subtract them.

Comwize E-commerce ERP Software

Comwize is a complete solution integrated with e-commerce, e-export and more than 200 ERPs. Advanced menu and modules, integrated employee website, and payment infrastructure is much more of Turkey's most advanced e-commerce ERP solution we can say.


If you do not have a website in the field of e-commerce, Comwize offers this service at no additional cost. The website, which is 100% compatible with all devices, is located at the top of the search results thanks to its automatic search engine optimization as well as being designed with stylish and modern lines.

E-commerce Module

The e-commerce module provides full control over the products or services you want to sell. We guarantee a strong e-commerce management with product management, payment systems, cargo integrations, marketplace integration, order management and other integrated ERP modules.


We are aware that country borders do not make any sense for the Internet. For this reason, we also considered our customers with foreign sales targets. Thanks to the e-export module in the system, you can easily access everything you need for your e-export goals with sub-modules such as language selection and currency, country-based price determination, international cargo integration, integrated ERP modules and mobile application management.

Customer Relations (CRM)

Comwize e-commerce erp allows you to easily access all customer records, register new customers, view records such as conversation, mail and sms history with its customer relations module.

Financial Accounting

It is a great module that you can do your company's current account tracking, cash transactions, bank transactions, e-invoice services, finance diary and e-collection services. When you purchase Comwize e-commerce ERP license, you do not need additional finance-accounting software.


E-commerce process is a process where you need to plan the production as well as the sales channel. For this reason, Comwize e-commerce ERP production module offers unique tools that you can do all production planning. You can effortlessly perform production units, production orders, inventory management, warehouse management, production recipes and production planning processes from this module.

Purchasing and Shipping

Comwize e-commerce ERP offers many features that you can use in warehouse stock, purchasing management, cargo tracking integration, barcode reader, shipment process management and supplier management.


You can easily track processes such as personal files of your personnel working within your company, tracking their legal rights, leave and report histories, advance and salary payments, and view advanced reports showing the performance of your personnel.

The features we mentioned above in the headings show the features that should be in an e-commerce ERP as well as the extra services offered by Comwize. Contact us to strengthen your business by meeting with the complete set of services that offer ERP solutions in e-commerce and e-export management fully integrated.