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Tips for Opening a Store and Selling on Facebook

Ali Nail Uzun
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Tips for Opening a Store and Selling on Facebook

Opening a store on Facebook is one of the important steps to easily present your products to a wide audience and to sell on Facebook. Facebook offers various conveniences to businesses that want to open stores with the improvements it frequently makes, and also provides additional services.

Opening a Store on Facebook

More than half of our population has easy internet access and almost all of these people have Facebook accounts. This, of course, makes the subject of opening a store on Facebook more attractive. In this article, which includes the preliminary work to be done and the steps to be followed, we have detailed what you will do to open a store on Facebook and make sales on Facebook.

How to Sell on Facebook?

If you publish the products you have already sold on your e-commerce site in the store tab you will create on your Facebook page, the users will be directed to your e-commerce site by making a decision in the light of the data you have presented to them, and the sales process will take place on your own website.

Is Selling On Facebook Legal?

In the digitalized world, tax laws are also updated to keep up with this change. Your legal responsibilities regarding the ongoing trade in your store today also apply when selling on Facebook. Opening a store on Facebook actually means moving your sales store to social media, and your legal responsibilities continue there.

1. First Create Your Facebook Page, Then Your Facebook Store!

Opening a store on Facebook, you first need a profile. You will have everything you need to sell on Facebook, thanks to the shop tab you will add to the profile you have created for your company. Therefore, you must first create your profile and then add your Facebook store tab to your profile.

2. Start Selling On Your E-Commerce Site And On Facebook!

Opening a store on Facebook and selling on Facebook is actually a process consisting of simple steps. With the right preparation, you can easily add your products to your Facebook profile and open them for sale. In this way, both your e-commerce site and Facebook profile are not only accessible, but also become strong partners that support sales figures.

Opening a Facebook Store in 8 Steps

1. First you need a Facebook page. If you wish, you can also turn your own Facebook account into a store. To have a store account;

2. Log into your Facebook account with your username and password.

3. Click on the Store tab.

4. Accept the agreement that appears and press the forward button.

5. You may be asked to re-enter your Facebook password as you progress.

6. On the page that appears, check the "Shopping on Another Website" option.

7. You will be asked to enter the link of your page separately while adding the products.

8. Select the currency you want to use. You should be careful when choosing a currency. Because once you open your Facebook store, you cannot change the currency. You will need to delete the account and create it again.

Tips for Selling on Facebook

No matter what platform you are using, embrace that it is no different than your physical store. Showing the same care you show to your physical store to your store on digital platforms is key to success.

When sharing promotional articles about your products, make sure that the tone is sincere but uncluttered. Your potential customers make decisions based on the information you share.

The images of your products are another important issue. You should share your products with stylish and clear visuals and make remarkable arrangements. Visuals that are incompatible with your product, unprofessional and of poor quality have only one mission: LOSS OF CUSTOMER!

When adding your products to your Facebook store, you must ensure that the prices are correct. Different prices on your Facebook page and different prices on your e-commerce site will not be welcomed by your customers. People only like surprise endings at the movies.😊

The first thing you need to sell on Facebook is of course an e-commerce website. Comwize e-commerce ERP software also offers website service with design templates suitable for your industry. Please feel free to contact us to review samples and request demos.