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Hepsiburada Store Opening Guide

Ali Nail Uzun
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Hepsiburada Store Opening Guide

Hepsiburada Store Opening Guide to Turkey's oldest e-commerce to multiply your sales through Hepsiburada One of the marketplace and you will have the chance to win a strong alternative to your existing sales channels.

We know the importance of creating alternative sales channels for companies dealing with e-commerce. Every sales channel to be acquired in this direction, if managed correctly, causes serious increases in sales. Hepsiburada marketplace also serves as a great marketplace for you to grow your e-commerce business. Let's try to answer the questions that come to mind about opening a store in the Hepsiburada marketplace.

1. What is Hepsiburada?

When Hepsiburada started its activities as a B2C platform in 2011, it was a marketplace that only sold its own products. With its developing and expanding system over time, it has become a powerful and well-known platform where different companies can open stores and offer their products for sale. Today, Hepsiburada is a huge marketplace where more than 12 million products are offered for sale in 30 categories.

2. How is Hepsiburada Working System?

As we mentioned in the previous title, Hepsiburada is a marketplace that works in the e-commerce model from company to end consumer. Final consumers can find the products they demand by searching on Hepsiburada and place an order. Again, thanks to the membership and payment system offered by Hepsiburada, they make their payments easily and complete their orders. Playing the role of an intermediary, Hepsiburada also provides logistics services at the point of realizing the sales of the product and delivering it to the consumer. It is the responsibility of the store that offers the shipment of the products as it plays the role of an intermediary.

3. Why Should I Open a Hepsiburada Store?

Hepsiburada nearly 10 years in e-commerce is one of Turkey's best known platforms. For this reason, even the fact that the brand is constantly appearing with daily visitor numbers and various advertising tools can be considered as a valid reason for opening a Hepsiburada store. You will have the opportunity to use the customer base that such an old and known platform has acquired over the years as a driving force in increasing your sales.

4. How to Open a Store in Hepsiburada?

As with every legal platform, Hepsiburada is looking for the condition of being a taxpayer in the store opening process. It is not possible for non-taxpayer persons and institutions to sell on Hepsiburada. If you can fulfill this requirement, you must first sign up by visiting the membership page to open a store at Hepsiburada.

5. What are the Documents Required to Open a Store in Hepsiburada?

Hepsiburada requests certain information and documents from you during the store opening application. It is an important factor for your application to be concluded quickly if you send the requested information and documents accurately and completely to Hepsiburada. The information and documents requested in the application are as follows:

1. Tax Board

2. Signature circular

3. Bank information

4. Certificate of Activity

5. The title and address information in the Commercial Registry Gazette, the information in the Tax Plate and the Activity Certificate must match.

6. Individual companies, if they have Chamber of Commerce records, these documents must be submitted; If this record is not available, these documents are not required.

7. All documents must have stamp and wet signature of the partners.

6. How Long Can Hepsiburada Store Open?

After submitting the above-mentioned information and documents accurately and completely to Hepsiburada and adding your products to the system, the acceptance or rejection information will be sent to you as a result of the examination. This process may vary depending on the intensity and the correct and complete sending of the requested documents.

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