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Suggestions for Those Who Want to Sell on Instagram

Barış Dur
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Suggestions for Those Who Want to Sell on Instagram

As technology developed, we started to include new habits in our lives. Perhaps the most obvious of these habits that make our lives easier is our buying habits. While we used to buy a product or service we needed through stores, nowadays we can buy everything we need with a few clicks without leaving the warm environment of our home. The first examples of e-commerce are undoubtedly websites. After the breakthrough in mobile devices, we see that e-commerce applications and now social media are involved.

We would like to give you a few tips for those who want to sell with Instagram, which has 300 million daily active users.

1. Find an Easy and Catchy Name

Although it is very unlikely that the name we want is empty in such an actively used social media platform, you can determine the correct name by writing down all the names that come to mind. The first step to creating brand value is to find a name that is memorable and easy to pronounce.

2.Set Your Profile Privacy

Make sure your profile is public and accessible. Potential customers should well be able to view your products and services without following you.

3. Provide Detailed Information

Photos of a product or service may present limited information to potential customers. Take care to share detailed information and, if available, technical data under each photo you share. Dimensions, colors, warranty, etc. details are important information for the end user.

4. Instagram Ads

Those who want to sell on Instagram must first make a correct advertising / promotion budget planning. Advertising is essential, at least initially, for your profile to attract more visitors, for products and services to be seen by more people, and for your sales to gain a rapid acceleration as a result. You can achieve success in a much shorter time thanks to Instagram advertisements, where you can get much better results at much lower costs than newspaper and television advertisements.

5.Glamorous Photos

You should realize that your Instagram profile is no different than a store window. When people visit your profile, you should be able to make a difference with the content quality and resolution of the photos they come across. On a platform where hundreds of thousands of photos are shared every minute, you should attract people with the photos you share. While photos with high resolution and content quality contribute positively to sales, they put a serious distance between you and potential customers in low resolution and poor quality photos.

6.Hashtag Research

The easiest way for people to find both your profile and your products or services is of course using the right hashtags. Do not forget to add the hashtags that reflect the product or service you offer in the most successful way, as well as instant popular hashtags to your post. If you are having trouble finding popular hashtags, you can find many paid and free software that will help you with a short search.


We persuaded your potential customers to visit our profile, thanks to the correct use and advertising. We warned the demand with eye-catching visuals in our profile. Everything went as we wanted so far, what about after that? Like every customer, customers who have the potential to purchase products or services on Instagram want to work with a seller who deals with them. When they need more detailed information about a product or service they see on the profile they visit, you should quickly return to the comment they wrote or the message they sent. In this way, you will have the opportunity to sell hot and also provide customer satisfaction.